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Who are the Nomads

Vintage Nomads is a traveling store! Selling and collecting our way through Europe, setting up shop at markets and festivals. Bringing you a wide variety of colourful vintage garments and accessories in a bohemian and eclectic style. All carefully selected and curated with passion. 

Especially for all those cherries that we come across, the webshop was created. Complete with fashionable photos, measurements and detailed descriptions these items are uploaded here weekly. Giving you the chance to purchase our true beauties from anywhere, at any time.

Every item is hand-picked, checked for flaws, washed and dry cleaned. This way we guarantee high quality products that are ready to be enjoyed again. For the rest we look for characteristics marking certain decennia like the 60’s, 70’s and 80's. Assembled and upcycled by us, to give them a new life with you.

Sustainability is something important to us, and thus by being part of the still growing movement of Vintage and secondhand, we tempt people towards a more conscious way of consumption. 

Vintage Nomads projects a Lifestyle. Living a nomadic life and making conscious choices concerning climate change, knowing this issue resonates within our generation. 

Feel free to join our caravan by following us on Instagram @vintage.nomads
and stay tuned for the latest arrivals and coming events.

Also you will be able to find us on platforms like Etsy, Just Waldo, and Vinted.

Yma: ‘’During my education at the art academy my desire to inspire others and create awareness has grown enormously. As an artist/designer, I indirectly ask my audience how aware we actually are about things that may not seem so important in our daily lives. But I’m convinced that the more practical matters such as our clothing consumption, the food we eat and the lifestyle we promote should receive more attention. That’s why I'd like to contribute and bring my creative ideas to the world in an accessible way. Vintage Nomads enables me to do so’’

Grey: ‘’Wearing vintage clothing and buying vintage homeware is completely in line with my convictions about sustainability. I think we all have a responsibility now, to make responsible choices towards climate change. Through creating the Vintage Nomads brand it’s my goal to spread awareness concerning this topic and inspire other people to do the same.’’